The OPSEU Local 549 is made up of:

  • the staff of the Ontario Science Centre
  • the staff of Compass who work in the cafeteria and the cafe at the front entrance
  • the staff of Dexterra who clean the building

Officers of Local 549 (elected for 2022/2023/2024)

  • Zoe Fitzgerald – vice president
  • Martin Fischer – 2nd vice president
  • Walter Stoddard – chief steward
  • Harry Jeganathan – treasurer
  • Emerson Maxwell - secretary

List of stewards of the Ontario Science Centre (elected for 2022/2023/2024)

  • Amal Juman Musthafa
  • Angel St. Pierre
  • Athi Selvadurai
  • Bonnie VanToen
  • Caitlin Carlise
  • Chris Charuk
  • David Braun
  • Doug Carman
  • Emerson Maxwell
  • Eva Lau
  • Kaitlin Town
  • Harry Jeganathan
  • Ioanna Skarvelis
  • Julie Jones
  • Mark Villanueava
  • Martin Fischer
  • Raluca Ellis
  • Victoria Gee
  • Walter Stoddard
  • Ward Kennedy
  • Zoe Fitzgerald

Joint Health and Safety Committee members (only worker members are listed here)

  • Ioanna Skarvelis
  • Luzan Wray ( AMAPCEO )
  • Martin Fischer
  • Michael Leslie
  • Rocio Navarro (co-chair)

Resources for members

  • “The Collective Agreement” is our work contract. It spells out the working conditions, benefits and salaries. It was extended in 2018 and some additional aspects were added. Our salaries are listed in a separate document.

  • The owner’s manual gives a detailed overview of how OPSEU is organized.

  • The OPSEU constitution describes in detail how OPSEU is organized.

  • “inSolidarity” - The OPSEU newsletter

  • “OPSEU Powertool” - a comprehensive resource meant for stewards, but useful for anyone interested in how to get things done at the local.

  • OPSEU organizes a range of events. Look for “educationals” of Region 5 - they are trainings that are available to all of us.

  • OPSEU is divided into regions. We are part of region 5. Each region has its own offices and employs staff to help the locals. Currently our staff representative is Christine Laverty.